EXCLUSIVE GUEST MIX :: “Dancing in the Sun” by Keep Schtum

Exclusive SoulFiesta guest mix from Michael McKenna / Keep Schtum  (Power FM Dublin).

Made up of largely unreleased soul disco and slo-mo house remixes,  I  mistakingly thought that tunes like “Ain’t noboady” and “Let’s Get it on” could not or should not be redone. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it etc….

How wrong I was!!! Check this out.. this has worn out the lounge CD player already :)

Get it here:


1. Ain’t Nobody (Project Tempo Re-edit) – Rufus & Chaka Khan
2. Let’s Get It On (Petkovski ReEdit) – Marvin Gaye
3. Back In The Day – Andrew clark
4. I Keep Forgettin’ (AC Re – Edit) – Michael McDonald
5. Between the Sheets (The Revenge Rework) – The Isley Brothers
6. Break It Up – Arsenii – DikSO Edits
7. Record Keep’s Spinning (Ex-friendly Edit) – In Deep
8. Got The Funk (Daniel Solar Edit) – Positive Force
9. Keep on steppin’ (The Noodleman Couch Kung Fu Dub) – The Fatback Band
10. Carino – T-Coy – Deconstruction
11. Love Call (Harvey’s Nightclub Re-edit) – Ramsey & Co.


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