PROMO MIX :: Bonar Bradbury


Our first sea bound excursion at the Garden festival, Croatia was the Pirates’ Revenge boat party. House producer Bonar Bradbury from the PRB Street Gang did the last set once the sun had set on the Adriatic and he had the boat jumping. Here’s his latest promo mix to mark the release of his new EP.

Get it here:

– Intro
1. We Supply – Ron Basejam Re Edit – CDR
2. Stevie Wonder&Paul Mccartney-Whats That Your Doing? – Undiscovered Japan
3. The Disco Grinch – Must Come Down – Bedmo Disco
4. Soupaczar – So Mr Leary (richard sen remix) – Under the shade
5. Bernard Fevre – Restless (Bonar Bradberry Remix) – Lo Recordings
6. Bonar Bradberry – Turning Loose – Under The Shade
7. Ilija Rudman -Time&Time – Electric Minds
8. Runaway – The Fire Below (The Revenge Remix)
9. Hot Toddy- ??? – CDR
10. Bonar Bradberry – Raumstrasse ( Ray Mang Remix) – UnderTheShade
11. Putch 79 – Asian Girls – Clone

beats and samples : Berro -Reverso 68 re rub
King Dj – Attack of the Killer Monks

Don’t forget —-> “Under the Shade” EP is released July 20th.

If you dig his stuff, Bonar is playing on the Terrace @ Space, Ibiza, for ‘We Love’ this Sunday (tomorrow) and @ the Big Chill on Friday the 6th of August on the Starburst stage.


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