NEW RELEASE : “The Magic is Gone” Chris Read feat Myles Sanko & The So Much Soul Players


Track 1 – “The Magic is Gone” …listen to this and you’ll disagree with the title. In-ya-face uptempo funk with a modern lick. Now this starts out heavy… the drums are tough and it’s somewhere in the 130 BPM region. Then the vocal lands and it all seems to smooth out without any change to the drums. A lot of music these days is either high energy or chilled out.. this combines the too well. something in part down to the vocal, which would be as equally at home on a 60’s funk record as it would on a nu-soul/jazz track.
Track 2 – Lovely little Hammond reprise. Works well in the mix with the OG. Allowing DJs a little extra creative free range.
Track 3 – And for the Broken Beat Headz there’s a Renegades of Jazz remix to boot. And as I mentioned before, the vocal lends itself micely to their style.

Out 3rd Feb on 7″ + Digital


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