Waxist Selecta coming to Bristol

Disco Promoters Bodywork are following up their successful debut party (feat Al Kent) with a excellent guest hailing from France.

Their next party is going to be held @ The Love Inn, Bristol: Feat vinyl digger Waxist Selecta.  Check out their facebook event and details below.. ..well worth checking out.



Hand-picked from crates all over France, ‘Premier Pâtissier’ WAXIST SELECTA has a bag full of sugary Caribbean vibrations and rare Disco delicacies.

Don’t worry though gym freaks; there’ll still be a dash of Le Gym at The Love Inn.

Bodywork DJs – Hank Champagne & Prince of Persia – will ensure every calorie is danced off before the next FULL Body Workout.

Work Hard. Play Hard. Gorge Hard.

£3 after 11pm


Waxist Bio:

Waxist’s vinyl obsession began out of necessity in his early teens. His passion for ‘Real & Tough’ Reggae music took him beyond CDs to rarer vinyl pressings.

He spent his youth trawling through crates firstly in Reggae Jam – a nationally renowned record store in his native Lyon – moving then to Grenoble, Paris and then anywhere in France with a reputation for Island rarities.

On this journey his tastes broadened to American R’n’B, Funk & Disco; finally striking gold with Jamaican crossovers of these genres.

Waxist breathes life back into Island Disco through his Red Stripe DiscoLabel. His first release, the stellar edit of Jennifer Lara’s cover “I’m in Love”, was intended to be a secret DJ weapon. After KON’s surprise request for a copy, a limited 100 pressings were made and a record label was born.


His DJOON Residency (in Paris) has him playing with Disco DJ royalty – Red Greg, DJ Rahaan, John Morales, Marcel Vogel, Fredfades Jazzblaster & @DirtyHans (Oslo Touchdown team), Mŗ Mendel, Rickard Masip, Jared /JBX, Jeremy UndergroundParis. His already rocksteady reputation is growing rapidly with visits to London, Madrid & Oslo.

With the West Country so rich in Reggae & Disco, Waxist will be well at home.


Stay connected:
Facebook page – http://ow.ly/vdYXl
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Soundcloud – http://ow.ly/vdZNA
Instagram – http://ow.ly/ve07b