MIX: “House” by Osunlade…

House - Osunlade

Crazy deepness as expected from the master :)

Or down load here: http://soundcloud.com/osunlade/house/download

01 Enawadan “Inner Joys Of Life” (Paskal & Urban Absolutes Remix)
02 Kez YM “Washing My Heart”
03 Eddie Shkiper “SNST”
04 Norm De Plume “Steady Teddy” (Franc Spangler Remix)
05 Toxic ft Denny Dugg “Corners” (Dub Mix)
06 Jonas Gorke “December Girl”
07 Brawther “Do It Yourself” (Alternative Mix)
08 Ethyl, Huxley “If The Pope Shits In The Woods”…
09 Rivani “Up Down”
10 Delano Smith “Ancestors” (Deep Mix)
11 Estroe “Punchie” (Paronator Remix)
12 Dj Fale ft CJ (Stones & Bones) “Children Of The Rainbow”

Compiled by Tom Brown & Osunlade
Mixed by Osunlade