NEW RELEASE :: “L’etrange” – French Funk from Caroline Lacaze

Caroline Lacoze

Fresh from Mocambo Records

Rising star Caroline Lacaze first came to light on The Mighty Macambos‘ album “The Future Is Here”.  And she’s in highly credible company – Not satisfied with gaining a reputation for making serious dancefloor Funk, The Mighty Mocambos have also produced successful releases with the likes of Afrika Bambatas and Charlie Funk.

Now debuting on her own release, Caroline brings  us “L’etrange”,  a lovely piece of French Funk.

Straight from the intro, the drums say Funk but with the a touch of Hip Hop Soul… almost like Kenny Dope produced it.

96 bpm of sophisticated Funk… and even better still this comes with an instrumental so the DJ’s among you can do live edits, juggling and extended versions when you drop it.


“L’etrange” is out now on 45 and her album “En Route” will be out in the spring.

Caroline Lacaze on Juno: Vinyl

Caroline Lacaze on Juno: Digi

More from the Mocambos: Vinyl

More from the Mocambos: Digi


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