RELEASE :: “Roots of Soul” by Gabriele Poso

InfraCOM! brings you a fantastic album from Congalero Gabriele Poso… “Roots of Soul” has a full spread of styles from full Afro Cuban business to almost ambient Jazz.  And this is something we see less of these days …an album you can listen as an album.  Since the promo dropped in my lap it has been an equally prominent feature in both my long daily commutes and my Jazzier DJ sets.

So what should you expect? Well the obvious track to talk about is “You Don’t Love Me”, a latin version of the Reggae classic “No No No” made famous Dawn Penn.  Not only is this a classy cover of a classic, but it features the legend Osunlade (need I say more?).

My fave track though has to be “Freedom”, a deep and dark mid-tempo salsa number. Although we are not talking Salsa dura here… this is Salsa for jazz and funk lovers, and when the track starts it just drops into a groove that means this has spent much time on repeat in the SoulFiesta house.

Then on the lighter side we have tracks like “Spirit Conversation” with it’s uplifting flute and “With Me Come Fly” (Feat. Dionisia Cassiano) with it’s summery guitar and sweet vocal. Both of these numbers (and indeed most of the album) have definite flavours of Vega productions,  ..and a serious summery feel. Listen to this after a bad day and all the stress seems to float away with the groove.


Grab it Juno:


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