NEW RELEASE :: DISCO TECH “Funky Heroes” Vol 1

After the best selling First Pressure EP Nick Disco Tech returns with some tight-ass Funk and Soul reworks… here are my 3 fave tracks of the E.P…

Take me as I am – Heavy heavy funk groove, female vocal…. at around 82bpm this is a proper slow banger… this is a prime tune to take an empty warm up floor and get them going on it.

Wating on You is a slab of classic Al Green, and a heavier slice than you normally hear. proper Funk-Soul, beefed up, subtle effects and tight!

You got the Stuff ooooooh! just play this bad boy… You’ll know the break (but not like this!)… and you’ll want to dance to it trust me :D

Funky Heroes Vol1 is out this coming wednesday on Juno:

Get it in your wishlist ;)

Buy Link: Disco Tech “Funky Heroes” Vol1


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