NEW RELEASE :: Serious Soul from “DOJO CUTS feat ROXIE RAY”

“Take From Me” …the new album from Australia’s latest (and baddest!) export…

… So where do I start? Well this album really hits the ground running…. Or should I say.. it hits the ground “Swingin’ “… a modern soul band with a loose swing and gritty edge to their groove, achieved by so few of their peers…  the instrumentation is of Dap-Kings quality and when it comes to Roxie’s vocal… the only word I can use to describe them …SMOKIN!

My fave cuts from the album are

  • “Take from Me” .. just so laid back but still makes ya head nod… as soon as it starts it make me pull that “Ooof, what is this?” face.
  • “In this moment” …this takes you back to sitting by a lake on a hot summer night
  • “Easy to come home” ..moody, melllow, and summery
  • “My Love is All About You” …I’d better stop before I list the whole album !

These guys sound like the musical love child of Sharon Jones and Otis Redding, I highly recommend you give them a listen :)

Grab your copy now!

Get it on CD

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Get Dojo Cuts on Vinyl !!! Yeeaah

Released by RecordKicks


listen to some Dojo Cuts now…


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