GUEST MIX :: Magnetic Soul present “Narcassistic Disco”

Hold tight! It’s the Magnetic Soul guest mix…  Blazing a reputation for himself, 2012 see several E.P’s from the man and a track on both Midnight Riot Albums from ISM.

So onto the mix… and it’s pretty special… full of demos, edits and new tracks from the man himself, almost 90 minutes of synth-filled treats… get it down ya!

Listen now:


(1) Break Loose
(2) Love Struck
(3) Why Shouldnt I Love You
(4) Eastside Slut
(5) Right Place
(6) Tease Me
(7) Groove Thing
(8) Disco Dancin’
(9) Thats A No Then?
(10) Once In Morning
(11) Body Free
(12) 80’S Dream
(13) Together
(14) Flashback

All Tracks mixed, edited and remixed by Ms Edits

If you dig this, check out his productions via his Soundcloud: here

And get some Magnetic Soul on Juno: here


Release previews:

His track from Midnight Riot volume 1 [Out now on ISM Records]

and his latest disco treat headed for Midnight Riot volume 2 [Coming soon on ISM Records]


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