NEW RELEASE :: LEGENDARY EDITS feat. “Little Bit of Jazz” (JimmyTheTwin Edit)

Proudly presenting my contribution to the latest release on Legendary Sound Research, “Legendary Edits”.

My track is a tough but gently “housed” version of a Boogie Fusion classic “Little bit of Jazz”.  Brought up to 118bpm for the dancefloor, added Drum machine, percussion and touch of 808 boom.   The EP also boasts awesome tracks from AlkalinoMannMadeMusic, The Legendary 1979 Orchestra, Andrei, Richmed. Massive thanks to Legend himself Andrei for including me on this release :)



Check out the press release ::


Legendary Sound Research is proud to present Legendary Edits. A compilation of reworks guaranteed to rock the dancefloor in every way possible. The first two tracks are from new-comers Andrei and Richmed. Andrei contributes with an astonishing take on Curtis Mayfield’s ‘Tripping Out’, chopping up the original in a very stylish manner while focusing on the superb bassline. Richmed offers an edit with an 80s deep disco synth groove that will make the crowd go wild. The next four tracks come from already established rework master craftsmen. MannMadeMusic steps up with soulful deep vibes complemented by moving percussion layers. JimmyTheTwin makes a boogie jazz number meet with vintage drum machines, adding boom and groove to the arrangement. Alkalino reworks a groovy disco-rock track making it perfect for some late night dancefloor madness. Finally, The Legendary 1979 Orchestra closes the compilation with a cinematic soulful disco rework that grooves tighter than a high-school stage band in ’74!




Hope you likey!


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