NEW RELEASE :: New on Gazeebo 2012

Two new releases on Gazeebo International records

1) This is a Recording – “Southern Neon Lights”

from London’s Jason Slater & Woody a.k.a. ‘This Is A Recording‘.

The OG is a super warm piece of deep instrumental disco… very nice. .  while the Gazeebo’s Northern Funk remix takes on an almost prog-rock trip… deep house style keys… organic drums,  guitar, warm synth bass  and extra spacey sound effects.  The result is properly spaced out!

Southern Neon Lights” drops February 23rd exclusively on Juno, Beatport & Traxsource.

2) Adults Only 3 “Bedroom Bullies” 

What can I say? I can sum this release in 4 bullet points…

  • Just the right cow bells
  • Bad ass synth :)
  • Old skool space sound effects
  • Buy it

Includes great mixes from Rayko, Sleezy McQueen and Zoe Raygun.  Gazeebo’s Censored Mix is the winner for me. Love it :)

All 4 mixes blast off on vinyl in March at a record store near you.

Check for updates


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