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Italy’s finest purveyors of Jazz, Funk and Soul are having a Christmas Sale, with up to 50% off !!!

So whether you’ve done your Christmas shopping yet or not, get over to Record Kicks.

Here’s a flavour of some recent releases…

The Baker Brothers: ” Time to Testify  ” LP

Yet another cracking release from this long running and well respected funk band,  and this album is choc full of goodies…

…From the steppin’ instrumental funk of  “Genki Strut”, accompanied with sounds of the city, to the laidback Soul of “Heads South”, reminiscent of Steely Dan.

 “Pieces of the puzzle” goes further left, with flickers of Chilly Peppers or even Another Ratio. Don’t get me wrong this is not commercial, this is moody, minor-key-funk, with a fusion feel.

And saving the best til last, “Once I had a friend” – an instant classic ! Also available as a single b/w the instrument.

The Strides: ” Reclamation ” LP

Credible genre-crossing album, inlcuding Dub, Reggae, Afrobeat and some MC action courtesy of LTL Gzeus.

Being a Soul and Funk boy at heart my fave ones off this ablum are…

“Well Hung Parliament” – uptempo Afrobeat. A nice builder too,  it gets progressively jazzy, then back to the funk.  Wicked track.

And “Umbi Gumbi” – a steady Afro-funk number.  This track is atmospheric but still tough. …and @ around the 103bpm mark it would go nicely in the mix with the above mentioned “Genki Strut”.

Sales end Dec 15th >>

Visit Record Kicks now !


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