NEW RELEASE :: “Lesson 1” by L’Equipe du Son

“Lesson 1” is a lovely and quirky disco track from L’Equipe du Son … you can’t help but smile when you here this.

My 2 fave tracks of the E.P…

“Legendary 1979 Orchestra remix” – What a mellow but infectious groove… there’s a sprinkling of Italo here but L1O had put a rare groovey sort of slant on it. I’ve had this just on repeat  :)

“Rayko remix” – the prolific Rayko does it again. He takes the same groove L1O took but waved his Boogie wand over it. This is a tougher remix… more dancefloor oriented. I dig it.

Out now…

Grab em @ Juno init :)


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