NEW RELEASE :: Bullet Proof Soul Edits

Not satisfied with producing quality Deep House BPS brings us an E.P. of quality soul reworks courtesy of the Blunted Funk Project. So here’s a little preview…

My 2 faves…

“Lets Go All The Way” – Definitely Southport Connoisseurs’ Corner territory. Respectfully treated.

“Get Next 2 Me” – Same story again… proper Soul tune given just the right amount of retouching, percussion, effects and re-arrangement.  It’s nice to see they’ve not gone down the route of just adding a massive BD.  I can hear these tunes equally on a boat party in the Adriatic, the Big Chill bar, or at a weekender like SP/Minehead.

There are also a couple of nice jazz funk numbers on there, with “Changin forever” and “I Like it” … well worth getting hold of.

Out now on Bullet Proof Sonic Records

Grab em @ Juno init :)


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