EVENT :: Ghettospheric feat. JimmyTheTwin, Cosies, St Pauls, Bristol

I am honoured to be playing @ Ghettospheric tonight. Held at the Legendary “Cosies”, St Pauls, Bristol.  Hosts Matt Doggs, Chaz Malibu and Niami Nice put on a wicked party… quite excited! Also gonna test out some new Edits and 80’s drum machine action tonight…  Hold tight!

Venue: Cosies, Portland Square, St Pauls, Bristol

Date: Sat 9th July 2011

Hrs: 10 – 2:30 (ish ;)

Tax: £3 squid

Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=155145447892356

What’s in store?

Some Boogie Goodies…. http://soundcloud.com/jimmythetwin/welcome-to-the-boogie-cafe/download

Some Disco treats…. http://soundcloud.com/adventures-in-disco/holdtight-theboogiecafe/download

And some Boogie Funk Massive… http://soundcloud.com/jimmythetwin/boogie-funk-danger-zone/download

Be good to see ya :)


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