ADVENTURES IN DISCO GUEST MIX :: “Hold Tight @ The Boogie Cafe”




Those nice chaps at Adventures in Disco invited us to do a guest mix for their website.  An hour of some of our favourite bits… mixed by JimmyTheTwin & Alexandre Le Grande…


Tracklist –

(1) Yasuko Agawa – “L.A. Night” (JimmyTheTwin Edit)
(2) Key-Matic – “Breaking in Space” (JimmyTheTwin Edit)
(3) Thelma Houston – “You Use to Hold Me So Tight” (JKriv / Deep & Disco Edit)
(4) Change – “Hold Tight” (Danny Krivit Edit)
(5) Leo Zero – “Walk On”
(6) Unlimited Touch – “Searching to Find The One” (Doug Galore Edit)
(7) Midnight Express – “Danger Zone” (Orignal 12″ Remix)
(8) William DeVaughn – “Be Thankful” (Onur Engin Edit)
(9) Mark Ronson – “Bang Bang Bang” (Rhythm Plate’s Rootleg)
(10) Editude City Edits – “Tell Me” (…That You Loft Me Edit)
(11) James Mason – “I Want Your Love” (Alkalino Edit)


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