EXCLUSIVE MIX :: “The Live Thanks Giving mix” from Original Editor Jay Negron.

Proudly presenting an exclusive live recording from one of Disco’s 1st generation editors, Jay Negron. Recorded live @ his 2010 Thanksgiving Jamboree in South Florida, he saved this recording exclusively for you @ SoulFiesta / The Boogie Cafe. 

Born in Brooklyn, Jay / J*Ski / Juan / JJ (even Lenny to some) started collecting records at the tender age of 6, and has been flying the flag for the uptempo Philly sound since well before anyone called it Disco.

Also famous for his early edits and medleys; Done using the original methods, multiple copies on Reel-2-Reel, and good old Razor’n’Tape, then cut to acetate for DJ use. 

Some of Jay’s early works are featured in the amazing book: THE BOOTLEG GUIDE TO DISCO ACETATES, FUNK, RAP AND DISCO MEDLEYS by Disco Patrick (available here: http://www.discopatrick.com/).

So check the guest mix… heavy on the Philly Sound, heavy on the feel good factor, and choc full of exclusive cuts, instrumentals and mixes.

Download the mp3:


Alternative link to this mix + Warm up set:


Party Time!:

(1) “Le Freak” – Chic (Nile Rodgers Instrumental Mix)
(2) “Young Hearts Run Free” – Candi Staton (Mike M. Remix)
(3) “Somebody Help The Beggar Man/Mr. Bump Man” – Jackay Beavers (J*ski Extended)
(4) “Lady Bug” – Bumble Bee Unlimited (Instrumental Remix)
(5) “Let’s Groove” – Archie Bell & The Drells (J*ski Extended)
(6) “Breakaway” – First Choice (Victor Rosado Remix)
(7) “You Got What It Takes” – Bobby Thurston (Greg Wilson Edit)
(8) “It’s Just Begun” – Jimmy Castor Bunch (DJ Mila Instrumental Mix)
(9) “Body Contact Contract” -The Trammps
(10) “Marilyn’s Gold” – Jacques Renault
(11) “Fantasy” – JD73 (Extended Mix)
(12) “Boogie Wonderland” – EWF/Emotions (Jim Burgess Remix)
(13) “Date With The Rain” – Eddie Kendricks (Tom Moulton Mix)



If you like that.. there’s more… you can download the warm up set here : http://www.zshare.net/audio/864336426d78743f/

Tracklist to follow :)

Alternative link to both mixes:



Read more about Jay! Check out this dope interview on Disco Patrick’s website: http://www.discopatrick.com/home/14-jay-hollywood.html

Listen to Jay ‘Doin’ the do’ every week on his Disco 935 Show ! It’s a Disco PARRRRRTY !!!! Every Saturday at 8pm EST (1am UK Time)
listen here: http://www.live365.com/index.live


5 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE MIX :: “The Live Thanks Giving mix” from Original Editor Jay Negron.

  1. Happy to call Jay Negron a mentor and friend. One of the most knowledgable disco/soul guru’s around. Alway’s has an ear and wise words of wisdom to share. His mixing and programming are as good as any other first generation dj out there. Apart from a few unscheduled sabbaticle’s in his life, he has been spinning and spreading the disco word since around 1974. A tireless promoter of all things disco and currently hosting, probaly the best ‘Disco/Soul Show’ (Disco935) presently on the internet. It finally seems that the dude is getting his much long overdue props from all his peers and the general public that he so rightly deserves. If you love the word Disco and you don’t know the name Jay Negron yet…make sure you check him out, you won’t be disapointed!

    United Kingdom

  2. Is anyone having problems downloadin this mix? I have tried about a dozen times and only get the first 3 seconds. I’ll ask Lenny on FB later today too.

  3. Thanks Chris for letting us know about the probs and thanks Jay for the alternative link.. I’ve added this to the blog post now also :)

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