“Mysterious Vibes” :: sLo Mo House mixed by Alex Dinham

Another beautifully mixed helping of Slo Mo House, and Soulful Reworks from Alex Dinham.  Includes some of the hottest sh** at the mo, like bits from Project Tempo, Disco Deviance and The Revenge. Also inlcudes Matt Hughes rework of the Blackbyrds’ utter masterpiece “Mysterious Vibes”.

Download the mp3:

<< http://www.zshare.net/audio/7706837598b09cf0/ >>


1. Grooveman – looking up to you

2. Eddie C – Space Cadet

3. Project tempo – Why edit

4. Chris Isaak – Did a bad bad dub

5. Dan & Kris re edit of Jamiroquai – Alright

6. Acos Coolkas – Free flight

7. Disco deviannce – give me the sunshine – Social disco club edit

8. The Revenge – Looking u…p to you

9. Matt Hughes – Mysterious vibes

10. Ron Basejam – Is the word

11.Matt Hughes – Pitch black12.Unknown – LA Funk

13.Willie Gaff Tuccillio – Give you up

14. Simon Cowell tells it like it is

15.Dexter Wansel – The sweetest pain – Ooft! edit


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