Straight out of Manhatten New York, bonafide Electro Funk producer James Reeno has recorded an special edition of “The Reeno Show” just for you.

Bringing you over an hour of killer 80’s Boogie originals and Electro Funk (both old and new).  Prize nuggets include Leroy Burgess’ lesser known version of “Over Like  Fat Rat”,  some exclusive Brooklyn cuts courtesy of  Vinyl Life,  and Reeno’s  super cool version of Kool & The Gang’s “Summer Madness”

Click here to download the mp3:



(1)   “Funkulation” – REENO

(2)   “Overflowing” – Jonathan Butler

(3)   “I’m out to get you” – Fascination

(4)   “Set it out” – Midway

(5)   “Lift Me Up (To The Sky)” (Tom Moulton 12inch mix) – Cool Million & Laura Jackson

(6)   “Like This” (Reeno Remix) – Vinyl Life

(7)   “I don’t wanna change you” – Crown Heights Affair

(8)   “Move To The Groove” (instrumental) – The Disco Four

(9)   “Get up, off the Funk” – Freddie G

(10)  “Electro Soul Satisfaction” – Lloyd and Diplomac, feat. Mick Murphy and Melle Mel. 

(11) “Your red hot love” – Chops

(12) “Over Like a Fat Rat” – Leroy Burgess

(13) “Ring my bell ’84” – Kamero

(14) “Jump, Twist, & Shout” – Blackjoy

(15) “Hot Sauce” – Vinyl Life 

(16) “Summer Madness” – Reeno

If you dig these styles check out Reenos productions

And his brand new CD: The Real Electrofunk

Also available @



5 thoughts on “GUEST MIX: The REENO Show!

  1. Reeno’s shows are legendary. He always serves up a great mix of old school groove and funk. Whenever a new Reeno show is available, I download it and sit back and enjoy. This show is no exception.


  2. Not only does this Reeno dude have a great record collection, but he produces excellent music all his own!
    If that weren’t enough, he’s damn SEXXY too!

    Dr. Sexx

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