“Uptown, Downtown” – Jimmy the Twin SoulBoat guest mix

This is the guest mix I did for the Soul Boat Radio Show, Subcity (Glasgow) which aired Sunday 19th Dec.

As a Sunday lunchtime show I tried to include something for everyone; Womack & Womack for the mums; Bill Conti for the “heads”; and  James Brown for  …everyone :)

Hope you enjoy my Sunday best.

Click here to download the mp3

“Uptown, Downtown” mixed by Jimmy the Twin

Tracklist :

1 — “Reflections” – Bill Conti

2 — “Sweet Power of Your Embrace” – James Mason

3 — “Stand on The World” – Joubert Singers

4 — “Turn The Music Up!” – The Players Association

5 — “Love Come Down” (Jimmy the Twin edit) – Evelyn King

6 — “Aint No Stoppin Us Now” (Jimmy the Twin edit) – Funk Soul Sister

7 — “When We Party” (uptown, downtown) – Jay W McGee

8 — “I’ll Do Anything For You” – Denroy Morgan

9 — “Satisfied” – James Brown

10 — “Prisioner of My Weakness” (Joey Negro Edit) – Billy Evans

11 — “All Over My Face” (Disco Plumber edit) – Ronnie Dyson

12 — “Teardrops” – Womack & Womack

13 — “Everydub” – The Sunburst Band

Big thanks to Jo Watkins for inviting me on the show.  

The Soul Boat airs every Sunday from 1 – 2pm on http://SubCity.org .



Some of my choice cuts on the mix…

James Mason – “Sweet Power of Your Embrace”



Players Association  “Turn The Music Up”



Jay W McGee – “When We Party (uptown, downtown)”



2 thoughts on ““Uptown, Downtown” – Jimmy the Twin SoulBoat guest mix

  1. Another proper job :) Listened to this mix a few times over the last few months and am really digging it, choice selection…nice one mukker!

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