Tracklist added: Do You Wanna Boogie Huh?

Get Disco vol1 mixed by Jo Watkins:
Had lots of emails about this mix – Described by one of our listeners as his favourite disco mix ever !  Good work.  I’ve had multiple requests so here’s the much sort-after tracklist…


 1 – “Was it all it was” Jean Carn (streetwave)

2 – “Standing in the rain” Don Ray and Cerrone (White Label)
 3 – “Hot for You” Karen Young (White Label)
4 – “Getting hot” Gwen Gutherie (Island)
 5 – “Weekend” Class Action (Atlantic)
 6 – “Can’t Play Around” Lace (Atlantic)
7 – “You Got What It Takes” Bobby Thurston (Prelude)
8 – “Happy Day” Northend (Rams Horn)
9 – “Bourgie Bourgie” Monster Orchesta (Rhino)
10 – “Say A Prayer for Two” Crown Heights Affair (Loft Classics)
11 – “Disco Nights (Rock Freak)” G.Q. (Arista)
12 – “Do You Wanna Boogie, Huh?” Two Tons of Fun (White Label)
 13 – “Touch & Go” Ectasy, Passion & Pain / Barbara Roy (Westside)
If you missed it the first time around…
Download the mp3 here:


Some of the sort after tracks included…

(1) “Happy Days” By Northend


(2) “Getting Hot” by Gwen Guthrie


(3) “Standing in The Rain” by Cerrone + Don Ray

…proper ‘mazers inum


5 thoughts on “Tracklist added: Do You Wanna Boogie Huh?

  1. Thanks for the tracklist, It’s Happy days by Northend that i’ve been looking for, i think i’ll be buying 12″ from Discogs, although it’s pretty expensive…
    Keep up with good work, gr8 blog u have here :))
    Cheers, Mikey

  2. Hey Mikey – I’ve updated the tracklist and youtube clip – thanks for the heads up Yo!

    – hold tight for the November guest Edit ……it’s a Monster !


  3. Hi Kim, what happened when you tried to download it? Have just tested the link and seems to be working ok now from this end.

    James x

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