“Upshot Mix” – Latin Flavas from Kid Bongo


Photo by ZoOm

FutureBoogie’s Kid Bongo has done a wicked mix of Afro, Latin, Future Cuban Funk, Brazilian and Broken House Soul.  Get a load of Ray Barretto’s 1968 killer latin soul tune “Love Beads”, or the 1964 monster bass on “Lluvia con Nieve” (Rain with Snow), one of my favourite Salsa tracks.  But don’t be fooled, this is an organic mix with a future twist.  It’s about time this blog had some more Latin on it… nice one Steve.

Check it out….

“Upshot mix” by Kid Bongo

1. Architeq – “Dark Matter”.
2. Fania All Stars – “Picadillo”.
3. Mon Rivera – “Lluvia Con Nieve”.
4. The Funkees – “Akula Owu Onyeara”.
5. Los Dinamicos Exciters feat. Ralph Weeks – “Let Me Do My Thing”.
6. Ray Barretto – “Love Beads”.
7. Joao Bosco – “Cobra Criada”.
8. Quantic & His Combo Barbaro – “Arianita”.
9. Jay – U Experience – “Some More”.
10. Grupo Los Yoyi – “Tu No Me Puedes Conquistar”.
11. Watch TV feat. Gene Garcia – “Wild Safari” (Darshan Jesrani Monkey Mix).
12. Henrik Schwarz – “I Exist Because Of You” (Dixons Stripped Down Version).

Download the Mp3:



Kid Bongo recently did a stint with Quantic and his Combo Bárbaro.  To see where he and the other Future Boogie boys are playing, checkout www.FutureBoogie.com.


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