San Francisco Disco (mix)…

This month’s Disco Liquer also comes courtesy of San Fran’s Matt ‘LeBant’. Starting with a classic house / early garage mix of “Let No Man Put Asunder” he goes back into the 80’s and 70’s with a load of quality Disco, Boogie and a fitting Soul Classic from one of our ol’ faves The O’jays.

Click here to download

<<Disco Grooves vol1 – DJ LeBant>>



 01)   First Choice – “Let No Man Put Asunder” (remix)

02 )   Mike T – “Do It Any Way You Wanna”

03)   Bohannon – “Let’s Start II Dance Again”

04)   BB&Q Band – “On The Beat”

05)   Jimmy Bo Horne – “Spank”

06)   SOS Band – “Take Your Time (Do It Right)”

07)   Vincent Montana Jr feat. Goody Goody – “It Looks Like Love”

08)   The Strikers – “Body Music”

09)   The O’jays – “Back Stabbers”

10)   Quincy Jones – “Ai No Corrida”

11)   Atlantis – “Keep On Movin’ and Groovin'”

12)   Chic – “Every Body Dance”

Also check out his PodCast ( where you can find a heap of mixes ranging from classic Soul and Disco, to the groovy side of commenrcial R&B.


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