“Here’s To You” …Laminate Radio

Laminate Radio

Boogie Lovers will be well pleased to here there is some brand new Boogie coming out of a Bristol studio soon.  Laminate Radio is a collaboration between Gus Pirelli and Blue Fontaine.  Gus has been flying the boogie flag since I first met him in the 90’s and our old Blue Mountain days.  More recently he toured in Ben Westbeech’s band and now back in Briz he’s in the studio making a sound of his own…   His partner in crime Blue Fontaine (aka DJ Die of Full Cycle, Dope Dragon, Reprazent, Breakbeat Era, V-Recordings fame) is a well acomplished producer that needs no introduction.  So I guess we’re gonna get old skool flavas with tough new skool production – Can’t wait !

In the meantime they have delivered a tastey mix tape ahead of the studio stuff… get stuck in


Click here to download

>>”Born in The Year of The Boogie” mixed by Laminate Radio<<



Laminate Radio Intro
Here’s to You – Skyyy
Young & Co. – I Like What You’re Doing to Me (Instr)
Lynx – You’re Lying
J.W. McGee – Uptown Downtown
Tomorrow’s Edtion – In the Grooves
Sharon Redd – Never Give You Up
Unique – What I Got Is What You Need
Geraldine Hunt – Can’t Fake The Feeling
Lisa Hill – I Am On the Real Side
Rick James – Big Time
Candela – Love You Madly
Karen Silver – Nobody Else
Evelyn King – I’m In Love
Howard Johnson – So Fine
Gwen Guthrie – Should Have Been You
D Train – You’re The One For Me
Aretha Franklin – Jump To It
ABC – Poison Arrow (US MIX)
Deborah Harry – Backfired

Highlights for me were the J.W. McGee and Howard Johnson tunes, 2 of my abolute faves of the era, but best of all the slick Laminate production over the intro to Prince Klassen’s edit of  ‘Jump to it’  by Aretha Franklin.

Click here to download

>>”Born in the Year of The Boogie” mixed by Laminate Radio<<

Check out their page —> www.LaminateRadio.com


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